Molly’s Game Review

Molly’s Game Release Date: Dec 25, 2017Molly's Game.png


(Based on a True Story!)

Let’s be clear — Jessica Chastain is amazing in everything she does. So, no surprise here. But, man does she give an exceptionally riveting performance as the impeccably dressed Molly Bloom. (All that Chanel, wow!) Molly’s Game Official Trailer

Molly’s Game is the winning hand of movies. It tells the story of a complex woman trying to find her place in the world who accidentally dabbles in some dangerous Poker.

Wait… let’s start at the beginning.

After an injury that ends her promising skiing career Molly moves to LA. Where she finds herself at the right place at the right time surrounded by the right people? Is it all that right, however? Managing an illegal underground high stakes Poker game for Dean.

Seduced, by the glamorous appeal of Hollywood, Powerful Men, Billionaires, High-fashion, etc. and of course the $$$$. She decides to keep at it. Until she’s forced out of it and now she wants it more. The tables are now in her control. She is a quick learner that Molly. She watches the game and the players – carefully. Learning the how-to’s and what if’s and she knows what they want, what they need, how the game is played. It’s hers now. The game is Molly’s. It’s MOLLY’S GAME.

Now if you’re a poker fan like me, what you will enjoy is the high paced detailed dip into winning and losing hands of the players whose destiny was determined at Molly’s Game. Their wins, odds and losses and their reactions to them -SPOILER ALERT- which would come to ultimately bite her in the behind.

Kevin Costner, Michael Cera, Jeremy Strong, and Chris O’Dowd all give impressionable performances.

The story will intrigue you and compel you to stay with it and see it through until the end. Highly entertaining and engaging with a significant amount of the Narrators twists and turns. A big THUMBS UP for me.

Ps. In Poker Terms, If Sorkin had himself a Full House in his hands, casting Chastain and Elba makes the hand a Royal Flush. Ka-ching!